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Business Analytics Insight 2016 Report

If this fall you had only one day to free yourself from the office routine, it would have been November 15th for the Business Analytics Insight 2016.

After a warming-up table discussion on the future of the BI landscape for vendors and service providers, the conference was packed with new topics and a world class keynote speaker: Stephen Brobst, elected among the top 5 CTOs in the US and notorious TDWI fellow. His keynote on data warehousing in a virtual world explored the trade-offs between different architectures, cloud economics and best practices in cloud computing strategy.

But there were more reasons to mark this day. With topics like Self Service Data Preparation, Embedded Self-Service BI for HR and data as a service this conference challenged our audience’s ideas on analytics!

The 8th December is the action scene for our Hands-on session on Customer Analytics. Discover how you can develop descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics on customer data. Have a look at the program here.


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Hoewel ik me momenteel voornamelijk bezig hou met werkzaamheden die vallen onder het kopje “Traditioneel” BI, ben ik van mening dat ik meer moet kennen van onderwerpen als Big Data, Analytics en Data Science. Onderwerpen die hard aan het groeien zijn en een echte hype kunnen worden genoemd.

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